All our Control Panels and Motor Control Centres (MCC) are designed bespoke to the individual project requirements. Our manufacturing facility utilizes latest technology for both the design and manufacturing processes and we retain all key manufacturing components in house to ensure our production capability is streamlined and production critical elements are within our control.control panels

Our flexible approach to the manufacture of each Control Panel means we are able to tailor our designs to meet with the most stringent specification requirements. Our automated processes and experienced control panel builders ensure we are equipped to deliver to the tightest of program requirements.

Every completed Control Panel receives a comprehensive functional test prior to packaging and delivery to site. We welcome our clients to visit our facility to witness our test procedures including the operational test incorporating software operation via our test rig. Our quality processes ensures our supply chain is robust and our key partners are selected by our pre-qualification processes which are audited by our external ISO 9001:2000 assessor.