Dwyfor Leisure Centre (Cyngor Gwynedd Council)


The Leisure Centre has had Voltage Optimisers and a 76kW CHP installed to provide energy efficiency, reduce cost and most importantly achieve a reduction in CO2. JBC Controls have integrated the CHP, existing Pool Sentry and a mains electricity meter onto a Trend BMS system. The council are now able to remotely monitor the PH and Chlorine parts per million of the Pool Water. The boiler control strategy has been installed to prevent low load cycling and match the output of the boilers with the actual load on the system.

The specification required that the CHP is not to export power back into the grid, therefore the electricity demand is monitored and the CHP demand is modulated by the BEMS to maximise the efficiency. Pictured below is an actual graph downloaded from the system showing the positive impact on the CO2 emissions following the systems installation.